Missing My Favourite Someone

I’m away from my favourite person right now. Dani is away in Edinborough for a few days with some friends. I think this might be the longest we’ve been apart for years. It’s hard being apart, even if only for a few days. At first, it’s just like a normal day when you don’t see each other but once it’s been a couple of days that’s when it really starts to kick in. I just want to see her so much.

She’s my soul mate, the light of my life, just her presences warms my heart. Not just my heart but when I’m around her I feel like I’ve just walked out from the shade and into the warmth of the sun on a perfect summer day. I couldn’t imagine being without her.

I guess being apart really makes me appreciate how wonderful she is and how deeply I love her. I keeping thinking of the first moment I get to see her pretty face again and look into her beautiful eyes, longing for it even, when she gets back.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

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